2812 Battleground Ave. Greensboro, NC  27408

2206 W Gate City Blvd. Greensboro, NC 27403

Monday to Saturday 11Am-9pm

Drive Thru Opens at 10:30AM 

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92 Years and stIll smokin'

 drive thru • Dining room • Curbside Pickup • Delivery
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 Pickup & Delivery Specialist

Legendary Barbecue. Decades of Catering Experience. Any Event. Any Size. We have an option for you!


NC Barbecue Restaurant

Since 1930

WOOD+Fire+PorK = Barbecue


Founded in 1930, Stamey’s is well known for it’s “Lexington-style” pit cooked exclusively over hardwood coals barbecue pork and “secret barbecue sauce” or “dip”. Serving delicious barbecue takes more than just a style and secret sauce. Stamey’s Pitmasters* come in before dawn to light the fire to start the cooking process that can take eight to ten hours.