Individual Boxed Meal Catering Options:

Boxed Sandwich Meals: $5.99 Each

Includes Chopped Pork Barbecue Sandwich (Slaw on the side) & Choice of 1 Side. All individually packaged with sauce & utensils.

Boxed Plate Meals: $6.99 Each

Includes Barbecue plate & Choice of 2 Sides. Also Includes a few Hushpuppies with each plate! Individually packaged with sauce & utensils. 

Add Tea for $0.75 Per Person.

Add Individual Cobbler for $1.90 Per Person.

Minimum of $100 and $25 Delivery Fee.

If you choose a mix/assortment of an option we will determine the amounts of each based of our experience, unless you request otherwise!

Call 336-294-2599 or fill out the form to place an order.

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Buffet Style Catering Package: 

Wood Pit-Cooked Barbecue Pork
Homemade Stamey’s Slaw
Baked Beans
Rolls (Buns) & Hushpuppies
Stamey’s Famous Homemade Peach Cobbler
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea (sweet & unsweetened)

All utensils (plates, forks, bowls, cups, etc. needed)
Condiments & Ice for drinks

Add Barbecue Chicken Breast Quarters for $1.00 per person 

(1 quarter piece per 2 people)

30-39 People: $11.25 per person

40-49 People: $10.95 per person

50-74 People: $10.45 per person

75-99 People: $10.20 per person

100-249 People: 9.95 per person

Full Service Catering (currently unavailable)
We can provide full service catering for events of 60 or more people. Additional charge is $100 per server required for 2 hours of service. Our servers will serve your group quickly, and with a smile! This is a great option for large events that need efficient, speedy service from our professional staff. Please call 336-294-2599 for more details on full service catering.

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